Director's Message


As a visionary entrepreneur, I'm passionate about making education affordable and accessible. My project involves collaborating with top academics to create a cutting-edge institute with an ultra-modern infrastructure.

We aim to provide high-quality education in a simple and engaging manner. Scholarships and partnerships will ensure affordability, while global collaborations bring diverse perspectives.

The institute will offer practical skills and a wide range of courses to benefit students from all backgrounds. Continuous improvement and outreach to underprivileged communities are key priorities.

Together, we'll empower students for the future, fostering a brighter and inclusive educational landscape.


Our mission is to create an environment of academic excellence enabled by modern pedagogy and technology to impart quality education to students aspiring for the country's best engineering and medical colleges through personalized learning schedules, individual attention, top-notch teaching faculty, and the best educational infrastructure. We strive to inculcate in our children an analytical bend of mind, critical thinking, and an undying curiosity, qualities which help nurture successful lifelong learners and not just toppers of entrance exams or colleges/schools. Our teaching methodologies and curriculum are designed to clear out students’ doubts and instil conceptual clarity right down to its roots to establish a firm foundation of academic excellence.


Founded by a group of IIT alumni and Doctors with ample personal experience in IIT-JEE/ NEET/ MHTCET/ BOARDS/  IB / IGCSE / ‘A’ level preparation institutes, Pacific Edutech is an effort to ensure that every JEE/ NEET- Aspirant is nurtured, guided and developed to the best of their potential. The Pacific team is endowed with over 57 years of cumulative experience in JEE education, with a deep insight into student psychology and efficient teaching methods, based on detailed research and a comprehensive student learning database.

We believe in learning through understanding so that education lasts a lifetime and helps the students as a tool in all their endeavours. We at Unwal Pacific aim to evolve continuously through interactive pedagogy methods like DPP (Daily Practice Problems), DAT(DAILY ASSESSMENT TEST) Detailed Assessments, Teacher Evaluation Programs, and varied test paper patterns. In the last six years, more than 95% of students taught by our faculty have made it to TOP ENGINEERING COLLEGE AND MEDICAL colleges.

Technologically we are the most advanced institute in India. Unwal Pacific application is AI-enabled, ensuring 360° knowledge growth of your ward.

Our teachers